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Adolescents ages 10-19

Adolescence is a time of significant brain growth and development. Families may experience increased stress, and teens may behave impulsively or irrationally. Therapies such as DBT, EMDR, and variations of play therapy can help strengthen neural connections in the "rational" part of the brain. In therapy, teens will learn how to work with their brain chemistry to gain control over their emotions and behaviors. Adding trauma modalities such as Brainspotting and EMDR can benefit teens who may be experiencing adjustment difficulties, depression, anxiety and relationship struggles

Why does my teen act this way? 

EMDR for Teens 

EMDR is extremely effective for targeting distressing memories and thoughts before the brain develops complex memory networks. EMDR often works faster and more effectively with teens than adults. 

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Ready for a change? 

Being a teen can be rough, and deciding to go to therapy is a big deal. If you are parent and want your teen to "buy-in" to the idea of therapy, consider these tips:  

1. Normalize counseling: Therapy is trending, but actually going might be a bit scary. Bring up the idea during regular conversations and make it "normal" to talk about. 

2. Allow your teenager to choose their therapist. Let them look at psychology today profiles or websites, and let them choose who they want to work with. 

3. Consider the first session an interview. Like adults, teens want to have control and don't want to be forced to do anything. Help your teen have control over the process by letting them know that the first session is just an interview, not a commitment. 

4. Don't be too nosey. Let your teen know that going to therapy is for them, and you will keep it confidential. Try not to pry - let your teen come to you to talk about their work in therapy. 

5. Be a part of the process. Encourage your child for doing the work and being consistent - notice the changes they are making. Your therapist will give you updates on treatment progress and goals, so don't be afraid to recognize your teen for their hard work. 


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